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As a consumer,we interact with businesses every day. We all have had good experiences and bad. This site is designed to give you the very best in Orlando when it comes to choosing who you want to do business with. OrlandoTopTen.net is the top ten in everything from car detailing to doctors, lawyers and house cleaning. Everything means everything, so no matter what you are looking for in Orlando, look for it on Orlando Top Ten...

Top Ten Things You Should Know About E-Cigs


Orlando Entertainment News : Top 10 Things You Should Know ABout E-Cigarettes

1. The authentic looking 'smoke' that you then exhale is actually a harmless and odorless water vapor containing no tobacco or tar. It does not leave behind any nasty odors and disappears into the air almost immediately.

2. Most electronic cigaretteshave an internal microprocessor. The internal microprocessor carefully measures how much nicotine is delivered to your body in this vapor but without all the toxins, harmful chemicals and cancer-causing substances of tobacco smoke. It tastes and feels like the normal tobacco hit you get from a cigarette but without the danger to your health and those around you.

3. E-cigs are actually vaporizers; instead of burning tobacco, the mechanism heats up a liquid. The liquid turns into vapor, which is then inhaled, or "vaped".

4. E-cigarettes are smoke-free and tobacco-free, but they're not nicotine-free. The liquid in e-cigarettes is typically a combination of nicotine, flavorings (such as strawberry or watermelon), propylene glycol (a solvent), and other additives. 

5.  E-cigarette devices are battery-powered, and reusable. Many e-cigs come with available USB and car charges. It's not only the rechargeable battery that makes these devices reusable; many are also refillable. 

6. E-Cigarettes save a smoker money. Smokers with a pack-a-day habit spend more than $1,000 per year to get the nicotine fix they crave. 

7. As a smokeless tobacco products, e-cigarettes are allowed in most "smoke-free" environments.

8. E-Cigarettes are easier on those around you - referring to Second-Hand Smoke. 

9. E-Cigs are now an alternative for people who want to stop smoking.

10 Ready to Order? Simply click on this link and order 6, 12, 0r 18. Best quality and best prices and shipped to your door. A great gift idea for you or your friends Online E-Cigarettes. 

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In Orlando, if you have something to sell, a special, looking for something. Come to OrlandoTopTen.net. Now with FREE ads. Are you offering a special? Let people know on OrlandoTopTen.net

Top Ten Restaurants

The Top Orlando Restaurants 10 best florida

Orlando Restaurants Reviews

Over the next few months, Orlando Top Ten will be sampling and reviewing restaurants in Orlando for service, menus, and quality. There are a few that stand out already but we are making a list of restaurants and bars to review. See our complete list of TOP TEN: 

Top Ten Movies 2014

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Orlando Entertainment News : Movies

As a movie lover, I like to know in advance if the movie I want to go see is good. This top ten Orlando movie blog will include only great movies, and will focus on ones that are in the theatre, new dvd releases, available for download, or soon to be released..

Real Estate Agents

Orlando Real Estate

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The basic question in any real estate market is supply and demand. In Orlando, with the strong tourism marlet. prices seem to be holding and getting ready to rise. Although the US economy has slowed and in some markets, dropped, Orlando seems to be a good real estate investment for local or cross border investors.

Orlando Used Cars

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Orlando Automotive News

In Orlando, the used car market is huge. There are used and new car dealerships on every corner. Where do you go to sell your used car? With anything these days, you can certainly sell it online. Selling your call online for private sellers is normally free. When selling your car, it is important to ...


Orlando Sports

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Orlando Sports News

Win or lose we love them, but if they won more, we would love them more. Yes, everybody loves a winner, but at the same time, our home team, we will always love them. The Orlando Stars are doing their best but know they need to get on the ice agin to do that. It is time to win. Let's play hockey.

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